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Have you ever had a dream that somehow became a reality? We have—our brick building on Hudson Avenue where we specialize in therapeutic massage has been a long time dream. Anna and I have worked together since 2004. Our doors opened on April 1st 2011, the best birthday present I could have asked for!

Breathe Massage Therapy is a place where our clients can receive a massage that will have long-term benefits, not just serve as a Band-aid to their ailments. Our exceptional therapists have seen the amazing changes massage can make and want to share them with you. They will customize a plan that will truly benefit your health.

Give us your body for an hour and we will give you back your mind.

We got our name because we want our space to be a place you can come in, sit back, and just be able to BREATHE!

-April Ashbee Co-Owner

AprilApril Ashbee, Co-owner/Founder
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I have been providing professional massage therapy services to the Delmar area since 2004 and also am a graduate from Albany’s Center for Natural Wellness School of Massage Therapy. I believe that regular therapeutic massage is not a luxury but an integral part of a healthy lifestyle.

In these poor economic times, it’s important to keep yourself healthy, relaxed, and de-stressed. It’s hard to concentrate on work and family when you have an achy back or stiff neck. My practice focuses on Swedish, Deep Tissue and Hot and Cold Stone Therapy. I am also fully trained in Prenatal massage and Therapeutic Reflexology. I will tailor our session to your individual requests.

April is Co-Owner of Breathe Massage and was Voted "Best Massage" by Metroland 2009 & 2010

MichelleMichelle Sanders, LMT/Co-owner

Michelle is a graduate of the Center for Natural Wellness School of Massage Therapy. She feels very fortunate to be able to touch people's lives through the power of massage. Michelle believes the benefits of regular massage can change one's life both physically and emotionally. Because of her background in education, she is pleased to also have the opportunity to share information with her clients about useful self care techniques that can extend the benefits of their sessions.




AnnaAnna Burns, LMT
518-621-7979 | Email

I have been involved in the massage community since 2001, and at least annually, study and become certified in another modality to bring to the table. My massages can include: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot or Cold Stone Therapy, Positional Therapy, Sports Massage, Reiki, Craniosacral techniques, and acupressure, sometimes all in one session, and are always tailored to your individual needs. I am also trained in Prenatal Massage.

What I love most about being a massage therapist is fulfilling the need for touch through massage and the healing energy exchange that goes on during a session. Keeping this in mind, know that I will always respect and honor your personal space.

People often arrive for a session saying, “I looked forward to this all day/week.” They comment simply laying on the table is nice, until after the massage, when they stumble out, neck and shoulders dropped down, lower back pain relieved, and even more relaxed and peaceful.

Anna is Co-Owner of Breathe Massage and was voted 'Best Massage' by Metroland 2010.


Geraldine Carey, LMT

I am a graduate from the Center for Natural Wellness and invite you to come with me on a journey where we, you and I will improve your health in Body,Mind and Spirit. I offer a relaxing atmosphere of peaceful music, quiet waterfalls and therapeutic massage. Our lives are in constant change and so are our bodies. I currently practice Swedish, Deep Tissue and integrate other modalities such as MFR, Cranio, Polarity and a touch of Shiatsu along the way. Your massage will be tailored to your specific needs with each and every appointment.







Jenna Welch, LMT

Jenna is a graduate of the Center for Natural Wellness School of Massage Therapy and brings over 10 years of experience to the table! She understands that each person has unique challenges and preferences, and prides herself in being able to hone into the needs of each individual. She applies a mixture of deep tissue, trigger point, and craniosacral therapy to release tension and create a state of calm in the body. One of her favorite modalities is prenatal massage. Jenna is a mother of twins and empathizes with the physical and emotional tension women deal with during pregnancy. Regardless of a clients needs, she enjoys creating a warm and caring environment in which to wind down into deep relaxation mode.




Megan Clute, LMT

Hello! I am Meg and I am a graduate of Center for Natural Wellness School of Massage Therapy. My passion and dedication for this profession hasn't stopped since the day I started school. Massage Therapy has given the ability to be apart of so many amazing people's lives, goals and journey's. I have grown so much as a woman, a mother and a partner because of my career. My ability to care for, nurture and cherish the incredible people in my life, including my clients, has given me endless happiness and I am truly honored to continue my career here at Breathe.






Katie Kowalski, Licensed Esthetician

I am a graduate of Austin’s School of Spa Technology, and skincare is my passion. My love for the complexity and functions of our largest organ, the skin, has motivated me to continue my education in the esthetics field,and regularly add to my menu of services. The knowledge I have gained will help me to not only care for your skin, but also teach you how to keep lasting results with a home regimen. It thrills me to have the opportunity to provide a professional, customized experience in such a relaxing environment like Breathe. I love what I do and aim to help each and every client look and feel their best.